Dec 19, 2016

Company Predicts In-Demand Positions in Tech, Life Sciences and Manufacturing 


CLEVELAND, OH – DECEMBER 19, 2016 ─ ON Partners, the results-driven retained executive search firm, today unveiled its list of executive jobs expected to be in demand in the coming year in the technology, life sciences and industrial sectors. According to ON Partners consultants nationwide who provided input for ON Partners’ Top Jobs list, the continued economic recovery, digitalization, and cyber-security concerns are among the factors driving executive hiring in 2017.

“With the presidential election finally behind us, companies are focused on hiring for anticipated growth, ramping up security efforts and leveraging the data that’s now available to them,” noted ON Partners co-founder and managing partner Tim Conti. “While hiring is expected to be up overall, companies still have to do more with less, so they are being as strategic as possible about who they bring on. This list reflects the executive positions at the top of organizations’ priority lists for 2017.”

Following is ON Partners’ list of Top Executive Jobs for 2017:



IoT Architect/Head of IoT Strategy
Despite security and cost concerns, businesses and their IT teams are moving forward on practical deployments of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, according to a survey from IDC. The IoT architect is emerging as the key role for planning, executing and governing IoT, with organizations including IoT architecture, planning and execution roles in their 2017 staffing and skills planning.

Chief Data Officer
With Big Data taking center stage and organizations recognizing its advantages, data scientists will be in high demand, and there is currently a shortage of those qualified for the position.

Head of People Analytics
Another data-centric position made the list: As companies better understand how to extract, translate and leverage their people-related data, this will become an increasingly popular and critical role within HR departments, regardless of industry.

Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
Also known as the Chief Digital Information Officer (CDIO), this role is arguably attracting the most attention in the C-suite. Often called the “transformer in chief,” the CDO is charged with converting an organization’s traditional “analog” business to a digital one, not a small task in most organizations.

Board Member with Digital Expertise
Organizations across virtually all markets today need people at the executive level who understand the digital shift and can help companies navigate the transformation.

VP of User Experience
There is a huge need for this role as we continue to interact with technology, web, ecommerce. User interface and ease of use are the most vital aspects of product design, and having someone who can lead the charge in creating and updating products that excel in these areas can mean the difference between success and failure.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
With cyber-attacks occurring at an alarming rate and impacting and increasing number of organizations, having experts in place who can help defend from these attacks is critical. This person needs a thorough understanding of various aspects of security, including vulnerability detection, identity/access mgmt, endpoint and web security and network security.

VP Product Security/Chief Product Security Officer
Our lives are constantly connected thanks to the hardware, software and service products we consume. While they create efficiencies in the world around us, they can also allow others access into our personal space. Threat protection and robust, proven product security is becoming as important to a company’s brand as the look and feel of their products.



Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)
The ongoing convergence of healthcare and technology and the need for increasingly strategic input to drive corporate decision-making has driven demand for executives with transformative scope, influence and impact. These CSOs can make an international contribution particularly as US firms figure out how to more effectively penetrate global markets.

Director of Virtual Medicine
As the practice of virtual medicine – applying technology to patient care – becomes increasingly commonplace, healthcare organizations need leaders who understand the nuances of patience care, can navigate the various layers of a healthcare organization and understand the technologies involved in virtual medicine and how to apply them successfully within their organizations.



Head of eCommerce
While the digital transformation is impacting nearly every market, leading an organizations’ eCommerce strategy in the Industrial sector requires a specific set of skills. Companies are looking to invest more heavily in B2B eCommerce capabilities, as their customers want not only to be able to browse their catalogs online, but make purchases as well. Companies are also increasingly looking to the broader online marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Alibaba) as an opportunity to sell other businesses their products, so bringing someone on board who can navigate these waters is critical.


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