Talent Reports.

As non-conformists in the executive hiring domain, we open up our data innovation and research, offering you a fresh and transparent perspective on the talent market.

2024 Women’s Report

Benchmarking Executive Women’s Compensation

Let’s explore the complex terrain of gender equity and compensation parity at the executive level. 

Leveraging thousands of data points from 2k+ executive searches, ON Partners uncovers compensation and tenure trends for executive women.

2023 Variance Report

Executive Hiring Trends Reshaping 2024

Leveraging transparency and data, ON Partners anticipates four shifting leadership trends that will resonate in tomorrow’s boardrooms including:

  1. Middle America Ignites: A Renaissance in the Heartland
  2. Payday Revolution: Unveiling Compensation Disparities
  3. Calculated Moves in Human Capital Reshape PE Dynamics
  4. Power Surge: New Talent Landscape in Energy and Cleantech

2023 Talent Intelligence Report

Reality vs. Bias

Step into the future of talent intelligence, where transparency and realism take center stage.

The pulse of any organization lies in its talent, and our mission is to empower leaders with real-time, impartial insights for visionary & informed decision-making.

We hope our insights help you challenge the traditional norms and navigate the complexities of talent acquisition with confidence and clarity.

Executive search for the way you work.

Our approach is untraditional – by choice. We got rid of what wasn’t working (unnecessary layers, outdated practices, cookie-cutter solutions) and envisioned a firm made up of partners without limits.

Our partners are less limited in what types of companies and candidates they can work with or how they grow their practices. Each of our partners brings specialized expertise across industries and functions at the C-level and board.