2023 Talent Intelligence Report

Reality vs. Bias

Step into the future of talent intelligence, where transparency and realism take center stage.

Where We Begin.

As non-conformists in the executive hiring domain, we unravel the intricate relationship between bias and reality in talent intelligence.

In this report, we open up our data innovation and research, offering you a fresh perspective on executive hiring.

Decoding the Talent Landscape.

The pulse of any organization lies in its talent, and our mission is to empower leaders with real-time, impartial insights for visionary & informed decision-making.

We hope our insights help you challenge the traditional norms and navigate the complexities of talent acquisition with confidence and clarity.

Unveiled Methodology.

Harnessing data from over 1,500 searches, let’s break the mold by exploring points and counterpoints that defy the common narrative of executive hiring within the following topics:


The center stage of diversity hiring – is it glaring with inequity?


Compensation – the inflation defying warrior.

Market Trends

The winds of changes are blowing for candidate intent.