Press Release: ON Partners Reshapes Executive Recruitment with AI Transformation

Nov 15, 2023

ON Partners invests in data innovation with new Chief Product Officer to leverage partner expertise across industry talent pools —


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(CLEVELAND, OH.: GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – ON Partners, a pure-play retained executive search firm building diverse C-level and board leadership teams, is transforming its artificial intelligence (AI) data approach to improve its services further and offer a more inclusive, efficient, and predictive approach to executive search.  As technological advancements rapidly reshape various industries, ON leads the charge, embracing the transformative power of AI to redefine executive recruiting.

This year, ON hired Chief Product Officer (CPO) Jin Ro to lead its initiative to drive product development and data innovation.  Ro, bringing over 20 years of technology, product, and data solutions experience from corporate leaders, has been crucial in the development of this year’s annual Talent Intelligence Report, which marks the beginning of how ON has chosen to strategically approach the use of innovation and transparency in data to reshape the industry with the intention of enabling executive hiring decisions and driving fresh, new perspectives.

“The integration of AI into executive recruiting is a strategic necessity for ON Partners, driven by a commitment to inclusion and innovation,” said Ro.  “By leveraging AI, we can tap into a broader candidate pool, ensuring our search is not limited by conventional boundaries.  This commitment to inclusion directly translates into a more diverse range of candidates, enhancing the sourcing capabilities of our firm and ensuring a more equitable recruitment process.”

As ON actively drives change with AI, the firm transforms how executive search is conducted to ensure its services are consistently improved. According to a recent Gartner study, 63% of companies are currently investing or have plans to invest in AI solutions for talent acquisition problems.  However, it was noted that creating and purchasing new technology without a secure outlook on current business conditions can result in an under-realized and failing investment.  Recruiting tools that are powered by AI provide distinct advantages over traditional recruiting methods.

The role of AI at ON extends beyond sourcing, influencing every aspect of the executive recruiting process.  AI-driven tools save time and resources, allowing ON Partners to focus on their specific areas of expertise.  It creates a space for crafting unique solutions tailored to the needs of each conducted search.  While AI will not replace recruiters, it will instead provide a space for them to further and more efficiently explore the various job functions of the industries served.

“These tools are not a replacement for the human element,” said Matt Mooney, Co-President of ON Partners.  “Instead, they are a complement, enhancing our ability to deliver precise and insightful assessments.  AI empowers our industry experts to sift through vast amounts of data, ensuring we find the best candidates for the role and the client’s organization. The future of AI at ON Partners is predictive, personal, and partner-driven.”

Through the insight provided by past assessments and outcomes, ON is developing predictive analytics for 2024 to enhance its ability to forecast future success from the creation of new proprietary tools and resources.  This future-oriented approach, however, will not replace the partner’s expertise but highlight it further, positioning them as essential architects of a complex recruitment process that is both data-driven and deeply human.

While the company looks to the future of executive recruitment, ON remains committed to delivering excellence driven by a belief in the power of AI to create a more inclusive, efficient, and predictive approach that exceeds clients’ expectations and continues to set a new standard for excellence.

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