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CLEVELAND, OH – JANUARY 2, 2018 ─ ON Partners, the results-driven retained executive search firm, today unveiled Top Jobs for 2018, its list of executive jobs expected to be in demand in the coming year in the technology, life sciences and industrial sectors. According to ON Partners consultants nationwide who provided input for ON Partners’ Top Jobs list, changes in tax laws, digitalization efforts and ongoing cyber-security concerns are among the factors expected to drive executive hiring in 2018.

“Companies across many industry sectors are focused on the shift to a digital world, battling cyber threats and continuing to strategically do more with less,” noted ON Partners co-founder and managing partner Tim Conti. “This list reflects a cross-section of key positions at the top of organizations’ priority lists for 2018.”


ON Partners’ list of Top Executive Jobs for 2018 includes:

SVP of Tax
With major changes in tax laws expected in the coming year, companies will be making changes accordingly. If the corporate tax rate is lowered to 20 percent as anticipated, companies with cash to spend will have even more, and those with tax-related jobs can expect their duties to shift dramatically. Those considered “B” players will be pushed out in favor of “A” players in order to best take advantage of the new laws.

Head of HR Compliance
With the recent flood of sexual harassment charges spanning multiple industries and new allegations making headlines practically every day, companies are responding by ensuring processes and practices are in place to handle issues in a sensitive and responsible manner. The Head of HR Compliance is responsible for leading an organization’s efforts to ensure employees work in a safe and secure environment and that those who step out of line are reprimanded accordingly.

VP of Content Development
With Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and other streaming and online services constantly seeking fresh content to retain viewer eyeballs, these studios are dependent on senior-level executives who can discover and shepherd fresh talent and help bring their visions to the screen – whether that screen is in the multiplex, the living room and/or on a mobile device.

SVP of Corporate Development and M&A
With organizations currently sitting on $1.4 trillion in cash (Apple alone has $200 billion to spend) and with the new tax laws expected to increase that number, there will be a need for executives who can manage how that money is spent, whether it is on M&A activity, R&D and/or hiring.



Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
With data breaches making headlines on a frighteningly routine basis, this position will remain hot through 2018 and beyond. The role demands a total understanding of the security space, including vulnerability detection, identity/access management, endpoint and web security and network security.

Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
The seismic shift in the market to ‘content via streaming’ and how the younger generation wants to consume data means that big business must go digital. Also known as the Chief Digital Information Officer (CDIO), this role, often called the “transformer in chief,” continues to attract significant attention in the C-suite and is charged with converting an organization’s traditional “analog” business to a digital one – not a small task in most organizations.

VP of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Despite security and cost concerns, businesses and their IT teams are moving forward on practical deployments of automation and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. This role requires an AI expert with a computer science background and knowledge of how to leverage AI to create so-called self-healing, autonomous decision and anomaly detection systems.

VP of Voice Recognition
With phones, cars, homes and scores of other consumer products becoming voice-activated and employing voice recognition technology, businesses require senior-level engineering and software talent to drive voice development and implementation.



VP of Patient Engagement
Patient engagement is the key to patient adherence and a prerequisite to achieving better outcomes, fewer hospitalizations and more satisfied patients. The VP of patient engagement position requires an experienced leader to develop and manage patient and stakeholder advocacy and related policy initiatives and patient support programs.

Chief Biomedical Engineer/Director of Biomedical Engineering
With technology advancements being applied to medical equipment and devices at an unprecedented pace, healthcare organizations are seeking executives with a knowledge of engineering, biology and medicine. These professionals design systems and products such as artificial internal organs, devices that replace body parts, and advanced machines for diagnosing medical problems.

VP of Regulatory Affairs
With approvals becoming increasingly complex, organizations require professionals who can direct the regulation process for products requiring governmental approval by ensuring that all necessary applications are filed, handling all government interactions and overseeing the development of procedures to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance.



VP of 3D Print Manufacturing
The advent of 3D technology, or additive manufacturing, is changing the way companies design and manufacture products, with 3D being used to print everything from homes to cars to body parts. Companies require senior-level talent that understands the complexities, advantages and challenges of the format and can direct the teams who bring these new products to life.

VP of Robotics
As organizations spanning myriad industry sectors employ robots to perform jobs often too dangerous, dirty or difficult for humans, the field of robotics engineering is booming. Using their knowledge of electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems, the director of robotics oversees engineers in the development and production of automated equipment. They are also responsible for overseeing the repair and maintenance of robotics machinery and components.

VP of IoT Operations
Manufacturers across all areas – automotive, chemical, durable goods, electronics, etc. – continue to invest heavily in IoT devices to improve operational efficiency and productivity. Companies require a leader who is familiar with how IoT is transforming the industry and can lead teams to reap the benefits of the technology across the organization.


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