Ask ON Series: Ep 02 – How to Write a Great Resume

Dec 27, 2023

Answering the frequently asked question for our ON community in episode 02 of our Ask ON series: “How do I write a great resume?”


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In episode 02 of the Ask ON series, Mike Lynch, a partner at ON Partners specializing in executive search and board services, shares invaluable insights on a frequently asked question: “How do I write a great resume?”

Lynch, speaking from the vineyards of Northern California, addresses the challenges individuals face in formulating their professional and personal experiences in both long and short-form resumes.

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In the video below, Lynch provides 3 tips on writing your resume regarding structure, content, and how to differentiate yourself.

Don’t have time to watch the video? Here’s a quick summary.


In this video segment, Mike Lynch, a partner at ON Partners specializing in executive search and board services, outlines three crucial elements to elevate your executive resume.

Firstly, Lynch underscores the significance of structuring your resume with precision. He breaks down the essential components into four parts: contact information, executive summary, professional and educational experience, and an interests section that sets you apart. Lynch recommends creating both a long and short form of your resume, with the former encompassing a comprehensive overview of your entire career, including formative experiences and highlights. According to Lynch, this detailed information is vital for an executive search consultant to understand your background thoroughly.

Secondly, Lynch provides insights into the content of the resume, focusing on professional and educational experiences. He advocates for a comprehensive and detailed long-form resume, emphasizing the inclusion of every job you’ve held, considering it shows up on reports. Lynch cautions against the omission of relevant details, stressing the importance of consultants grasping your organizational role, financial responsibilities, reporting structures, and key performance indicators (KPIs). He suggests explaining the reasons behind job changes to convey intent and narrative.

The third key point involves highlighting what makes you unique, particularly in the executive summary. Lynch emphasizes the power of crafting this section to showcase your achievements and strengths in a favorable light. He encourages job seekers to use this opportunity to frame themselves positively and provide recruiters with a clear sense of their capabilities. Lynch also underscores the importance of the final section of the resume, where interests, certifications, and publications add depth and distinction.

In conclusion, Lynch acknowledges the evolving landscape of executive hiring, with the increasing use of AI. He advises job seekers to carefully choose keywords that emphasize their desired experience, such as “managed profitability” or “global experience,” to effectively communicate their expertise in the changing industry.

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