Jan 1, 2018 | Brad Westveld, ON Blogs



Recently we attended the exclusive Rutberg Wireless Influencers Summit, the world’s premier multidisciplinary forum for senior executives to examine what’s next for business, technology, and mobile. The conference, held in in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, is an invitation-only, destination meeting recognized for its exclusivity; retreat-style atmosphere; diverse, global, C-level attendee base; provocative, forward-looking content and boardroom-style discussion format; and the quality of its networking. We feel lucky to have been among the attendees dedicated to the future of wireless. Our top 5 key takeaways are below:

  1. The definition of “wireless” continues to evolve: Telecom infrastructure, carriers, mobile chips and system are no longer the simple definition. Wireless (and technology for that matter) is all around us. The speaker list underscored the widening spectrum: CEO of Taco Bell, CEO of Delphi, CEO of Farmers Group, President of Pepsi, CEO of 23andMe, CEO of Smucker Company, COO of New York Times.
  2. These buzz words continue to carry the day: Digital, artificial intelligence, voice recognition, 5G, Internet of Things, autonomous driving, AR/VR, security, privacy, analytics, smart home, robotics, and M2M.
  3. In the dozen years that we’ve attended Wireless Influencers, this is the first year we have repeatedly heard speakers and companies stress culture and human capital as key themes. It was encouraging and enlightening to hear these issues rise as a top issue that companies face.
  4. “Product Roadmaps” must now include “Talent Roadmaps”: Think 3 to 5 years out. The ‘War for Talent’ is only getting worse, especially in the ‘buzz’ markets mentioned above. Talent was a major topic in most fireside chats, and round-tables. Be creative! Several speakers stated that hunting in the same old familiar buckets will NO longer work. Simple math/numbers of workers will not support the growth needed. Look for relevant skillsets, but think more long-term. Be willing to train, teach, and develop.
  5. Diversity and Inclusion continues to be a real issue. Did anyone look around the room?

….and special mention – the wine! Kudos to Rutberg… Blindfold White Blend, and Far Niente! Let’s continue to support our friends in Northern California!

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