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Jin Ro

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Jin Ro

Jin Ro joined ON Partners in 2023 with over twenty years of technology, data, and analytics experience from corporate leaders such as PRGX Global, Seal Software – a DocuSign Company, McKesson, and Accenture.

He is responsible for driving the vision, strategy, and execution of the firm’s product, technology, and data.

Prior to ON, Jin spent 4 years at PRGX Global Inc. most recently as the Chief Analytics Officer leveraging a purpose-built massive-data platform to solve previously inaccessible enterprise challenges that were too large & complex.

He was the VP of Analytics at Seal Software- A DocuSign Company delivering innovative & actionable solutions that drive exceptional measurable results and hidden insights.

Earlier in his career, Jin was the Senior Director of Strategy & Analytics at McKesson and the Busines Intelligence & Insights Leader at Accenture.

Jin holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from Princeton University and an MBA in Enterprise Analytics from Drexel University.

He resides in Atlanta, GA with his family.