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Stick To the Plan

Executive searches require a strong plan and a partner to succeed. Make the commitment to the process upfront & stick to it - the outcome will be a great hire.


At the intersection of high technology and life sciences is digital health. Since our inception, we have been uniquely focused in these.

The Digital Health Revolution

Understand the importance of digital health and why digital health ventures are focused on bringing the healthcare provider closer to the patient.

Boston Tech Hiring Binge 2015

Boston-area software companies just capped off their busiest year of hiring since 2012, but there are signs of a possible slowdown on the horizon.

Hard vs. Soft Skills

Making a bad hire is costly to an organization - Lenny Vairo explains why you need to really understand the importance of hard and soft skills.

Motivation: Why Do People Leave?

Director, Technology Practice Joe Olson speaks about the natural timeline for a CEO and the importance of fostering talent within your organization.