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Dec 14, 2021 | Aaron Clark, Diversity, Featured Successful Placements, Successful Placements

Ella Dillon Named Chief Customer Officer at Conversica

FOSTER CITY – Conversica, Inc., a leader in Conversational AI solutions for enterprise revenue teams that help organizations attract, acquire and grow customers at scale, recently announced the appointment of new C-Suite executive Ella Dillon as Chief Customer Officer. Dillon brings her 20 plus years of expertise in customer experience design to accelerate loyalty driven retention and expansion for fast growing pre-IPO Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies.

As Chief Customer Officer, Dillon will lead Conversica’s post-sales customer success teams and ensure Conversica AI Assistants deliver optimal value and business outcomes for current and future customers. She will be responsible for scaling Conversica’s customer success teams in alignment with the company’s ongoing rapid growth and overseeing the customer onboarding experience. Before joining Conversica, Dillon ran Global Customer Support and Global Customer Success at Outreach.io, supporting their growth through $150 million in revenue. Prior to that, Dillon was Vice President of Success Strategy and Operations for DocuSign, taking them from a single product, North American business through IPO.

Jim Kaskade, CEO of Conversica, said, “I am thrilled to add such talent and experience to our team during such a critical time in the company’s trajectory. Today’s organizations understand the importance of delivering positive experiences across the entire customer journey—from discovery to advocacy—and our Conversational AI Platform is in high demand. We’re seeing clients make more digital investments in solutions to nurture their existing customer base to mitigate churn, expand relationships and improve long-term growth. This team will be invaluable to our customers’ ability to maximize retention and business outcomes through our AI Assistants—and thereby Conversica’s success as well.”

View the full press release published by Conversica here.

ON Partners consultant Aaron Clark is proud to have partnered with Conversica and Ella Dillon on this successful placement. View more sales placements here.

About Conversica


Conversica is the leading provider of Conversational AI solutions that help enterprise marketing, sales, and customer success teams attract, acquire and grow customers at scale across the customer revenue lifecycle. Conversica AI Assistants serve as digital team members and autonomously engage prospects, customers, or partners in human-like, two-way interactions at scale to drive towards the next best action, whether that’s scheduling a sales meeting, gauging interest to buy additional products or services, or politely but persistently collecting overdue payments.

Processing over a billion interactions, the Conversica Conversational AI platform integrates natural language processing (NLU & NLG), decision & policy management, business process automation and deep learning capabilities to drive customer engagement across multiple digital communication channels and languages. The Conversica platform supports over 50 integrations into the most popular MAP and CRM platforms and offers an open API for custom integration.

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