Diversity + Inclusion

Diversity is more than just a catchphrase for us. Diverse experiences lead to fresh ideas, original perspectives and stronger business values. For nearly two decades, we have created culturally rich leadership teams by recruiting board, executive and functional leaders from a wide range of backgrounds.



Since the definition of diversity can vary by culture, industry and company, we integrate your individual diversity and inclusion strategy into our process. We frame every search to locate the best candidates from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and global views. More than 35% of our successful searches result in diverse placements.



We work collaboratively with you to identify diverse and relevant talent pools. Then we strategically source vital forms of expertise, diverse backgrounds, and appropriate experiences. We reach the most viable candidates through our proprietary database, relevant associations and extensive third-party sourcing.



  • Internally define what diversity means to your organization.
  • Understand the reasons why your organization seeks diversity (i.e. client relationships, internal diversity, EEOC, etc.).
  • Identify specific positions to be filled by diverse candidates.
  • Approach candidates based on their skills and qualifications.
  • Focus the interview process not on filling a diversity void but on each candidate’s skill set and fit.



A productive executive search involves a deep understanding not only of the position being filled, but also of the role the executive will take within the leadership team. By aligning our diversity recruitment strategies with your company’s overall business goals and management initiatives, we provide your company with the highest quality diverse talent.